Jan 12th 2013
2013 EXHIBITION: 1st February - 25th February

Ivy Hill Gallery, Wapengo.

Drinks with the artist: Saturday 2nd February 6pm - 8pm

"From a very early age I knew I was put on the planet to make art! My paintings celebrate the vast, rugged and vibrantly beautiful landscapes of a country that I love and love to paint."

For twenty years, Australian/International artist Suzanne Lindhorst found that the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia presented fabulous visual feasts for her as a lover of natural beauty and as an artist. There her palette dripped with the rich reds, oranges, gold, the vibrant blues and soft, deep purples of the North West.

Now having settled back in her native state of NSW, the remote southern coastal landscape has offered her a very different palette; rich with the vibrant blues and lush greens that are so typical of the Sapphire Coast and the lakes and river systems of the region.

"Over the years I've spent a lot of time observing water in the landscape; the way it behaves, its fascinating and mesmerising nature and its marvellous reflective qualities. However the observations are not purely visual. Water has tactility; and taste; and smell; and of course different waters have very different voices that speak and sing their own particular words and melodies in a unique but universal language. This exhibition of new paintings has seriously challenged me to put all of those observations to work!"

Oct 1st 2009

In March 2009 I relocated from Perth Western Australia to the beautiful Sapphire Coast, on the Far South Coast of New South Wales.

I am now conducting and arranging Acrylic Painting Workshops in the localities of Tura Beach, Merimbula, Pambula, Tathra, all outlying districts of the Bega Valley and all along the South Coast of NSW. I provide valuable information for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists.

My vision is to bring stimulating, informative and affordable workshops to the wider community of the Bega Valley and the South Coast.

The programs cater for creative people who are enthusiastic about increasing their knowledge and experience of Art as Higher Learning.

The Workshops will run on weekdays or weekends depending on the demand. I am happy to travel to all locations.

It is my intention to provoke and encourage participants to higher levels of consciousness in the areas of The Spiritual Nature of Creativity,  Meditation and Painting, Creative Visualisation, Painting to Raise Your Personal Vibration and in turn the Spiritual Vibration of your Paintings.

I also teach advanced colour theory for artists of all levels.

The programs will embrace topics such as:

  • Creative Visualization (meditation and painting)
  • How to raise the spiritual vibration of your paintings
  • How to paint expressively in large format and have fun at the same time - (Experimental)
  • Creative Landscape Painting - Composition, Colour, Textures and Techniques
  • Advanced Colour Theory (one-day workshop)

If your group or organisation is interested in having a one-day or two-day program in your area, or if you want to arrange your own private group,  please contact me for further information. I am willing to investigate all possibilities.

I look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks


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